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Merit Mobile Access Now Available Offline

Your field staff can already use their phone to access their tasks and add new requests. Until now this was problematic in a mobile blackspot. A simple solution is now available to work around this annoying problem and it is easy to implement for your staff. Whether you are in the mountains or a building, blackspots can occur and now the Merit 24/7 system will keep your staff focussed on their tasks. You can even create new requests when your phone is offline. As soon as your phone is back online it will automatically synchronise and refresh with the main system. With Merit 24/7 it is now even easier to manage your workforce.

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Merit Single View Of The Customer

New functionality has been added to save time when answering customer enquiries. Instead of searching through multiple sources, you can now see all the details on just one screen. Our new Merit 360 module will search all of your systems and present the customer data you need in a Single View. From there you can navigate directly to the underlying record and see more detail if needed. Merit 360 has advanced search capability to accommodate name variations and you can save your favourite searches and export the information. Merit 360 can search right across your Documents, Property, CRM and Assets systems and provides the perfect interface for your telephone system making it quicker for your staff to service your customers. Merit 360 provides a 360 degree view of your organisation.

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Merit Traveller Web Border Management Module

Merit Technology Pty Ltd has continued to develop and enhance our online Border Management System “Merit BMS Traveller v5”. This module has all the functionality of the Merit BMS Client System but in an online environment. Modules include Visa / Permit registration, processing, and enquiry, Compliance registration, processing, and enquiry for alerts and alert hits, and overstayers management and processing, Passport registration, processing, and enquiry, Receipting data entry, processing, and enquiry, Movement input, processing, and enquiry and a sophisticated suite of reports covering each of the modules under Reporting. The module can be tailored to use the look and feel of a client to match their WEB site look and feel.

Merit Traveller Web eVisa Module

One of the key projects Merit Technology Pty Ltd has continued to develop and enhance is our eVisa WEB Registration Module. This allows a person to register and pay for an application online for a visa or permit for entry into a country. The module can be tailored to use the look and feel of a client to match their WEB site look and feel.

Merit Traveller Web eVisa Enquiry

Another key project Merit Technology Pty Ltd have continued developing is our Visa / Permit WEB Enquiry Module. This allows a person or sponsor to check the status of an application or applications online for visa / permits. Again, the module can be tailored to use the look and feel of a client to match their WEB site look and feel.

Merit 24/7

Merit CRM is now available for your staff to use anywhere, anytime on any device. The new web based interface has been simplified so that your officers can get on with the job of assisting your customers. Your customers can also help themselves by using Merit Customer Self-service. They can lodge a service request on the web or on the phone, anywhere, anytime. Book your demonstration now

Merit Outlook

Too busy to open applications on your desktop? Relax. Now you can operate Merit CRM without leaving Microsoft Outlook. You still get all the same fantastic features that you expect from your CRM without the need to start another application on your work station. Book your demonstration now

Merit talks to more systems

Did you know that Merit CRM has integration links with many other systems? Talk to us, we are integration experts.

  • TRIM - Electronic Document Management System
  • Objective - Electronic Document Management System
  • InfoXpert - Electronic Document Management System
  • SharePoint - Electronic Document Management System
  • Technology One Works & Assets - Asset Management System
  • Hansen - Asset Management System
  • Assetic - Asset Management System
  • Reflect - Asset Management System
  • Confirm - Asset Management System
  • Conquest - Asset Management System
  • Asset Master - Asset Management System
  • NCS Software MagiQ - Property & Rating
  • Technology One CI - Property & Rating
  • Intergraph Geomedia - GIS
  • MapInfo Exponare - GIS
  • Intramaps - GIS
  • Active Directory -
  • SMS Broadcast - Messaging Gateway
  • Red Coal - Messaging Gateway
  • Message Net - Messaging Gateway
  • Go Fax - Messaging Gateway
  • Crystal Reports - Reporting Systems

BMS Major Release Version 6.0.25 Now Live

Friday 19th December 2014 the PNG Merit Border Management System (Merit BMS) major release Version 6.0.25 is now live in Papua New Guinea and in 25 sites in 10 countries around the world! The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) funded the release and jointly developed it with Merit over the past 18 months. The release significantly enhances the Merit BMS in a number of areas including:

  • Providing full Interpol Alert integration, both online real time and batch Alert checking against either the FIND or MIND Interpol database
  • Enhanced Alert functionality including sophisticated data matching algorithms which provide an overall alert matching confidence rating which can be regulated by specific alerts.
  • Distributed User Maintenance that now allows the servicing and maintenance of certain administrative data from site around the world.
  • Distributed User Functionality now allows a user to provide help and additional resources to any PNG BMS site around the world by simply ‘changing to that site’ and then processing as if they were actually at that site.
  • Enhanced Reporting, a full set of real time Management Reports have been provided that allow PNG Management to immediately review the current position of either movements of permits within the BMS.
  • Enhanced Scanner Integration, a new 3M series of scanners has been integrated into the Merit BMS along with a new set of functions that allow for ‘intelligent control’ of the type and level of scanner issues reported.

This release now completes the DIBP PNG BMS Project and when this release is formally gifted to PNG on 31st December 2014 DIBP will close the project. Merit has now been contracted by PNG to continue on with the S&M of the Merit BMS until 30th June 2015.

Integration Expansion

In keeping with our philosophy to provide seamless integration and to expand to all corporate systems, we are excited to announce our two-way integration to the following new systems:

  • InfoXpert – Electronic Document Management System
  • SharePoint – Electronic Document Management System
  • Technology One Works & Assets – Asset Management System
  • NCS Software MagiQ – Property & Rating

BMS Major Release Version 4.0.07 Now Live

The PNG Merit BMS Border Management System (MERIT BMS) Major Release Version 4.0.07 is now live in Papua New Guinea!


  • DECOUPLING WORKFLOW - Merit Technology have provided a method to decouple 'Synchronization' and 'Workflow' settings for sites as part of the requirements.
  • NEW SITE CONFIGURATION OPTIONS - This has been provided to allow PNG easier rollout of new sites either in country or around the world.
  • NEW SITE LIST - This provides an intuitive interface allowing administrators central management of PNG Sites (KUNDUS) around the world.
  • MULTIPLE BORDER MOVEMENT PROCESSING - The PNG Merit BMS Border Management System (BMS) was enhanced to allow the processing of arrivals and departures at multiple border posts.
  • ADVANCED SYNCHRONIZATION ENHANCEMENTS - These changes facilitate improved management of data sent and received from sites around the world (via secure FTP).
  • NEW REPORTING INTERFACE - This incorporates enhanced CRYSTAL REPORT integration.
  • PERMIT LIST - Significant enhancements allow officers to better manage the permit / visa processing and enquiry.

Merit signs extension to BMS Contract with DIBP

Merit has now signed an extension to its Merit BMS Product Development contract with DIBP. The current 3 year contract had originally been due to expire on 30th June 2014 but has now been extended to 31st December 2014. The contract has been extended to enable the Merit BMS currently installed in PNG and 25 sites around the world to be further enhanced before it is formally gifted to PNG on 31st December 2014.

The new features being added to the Merit BMS include:

  • Movement and permit integration to Interpol alert checking
  • A new rule based Alert system
  • Refined scanner interface & document security
  • A new reporting system

PNG Sign Support & Maintenance Contract for Merit BMS

Today, 14th July 2014 at a formal contract signing ceremony held at Merit’s head office in Melbourne PNG’s CMO Mr Rabura and Merit CEO Mr Rob Stewart signed a Support and Maintenance (S&M) Contract for the Merit BMS. At the ceremony were also Mr David Whitehead SGP Advisor to CMO, Ms Joyce Geno – EO to CMO, Mr David Wood, Mr Phil Cleary and others.

The contract requires that Merit provide 24/7 S&M for the Merit BMS up until 31st December 2014. Merit BMS currently provides full border protection and movement processing for entry in and exit out of PNG. It also provides for permit application and processing both in country and for 25 sites located in 10 countries around the world.

The new contract will now formally take over from the S&M contract Merit had with DIBP for the Merit BMS in PNG, this contract expired on 30th June 2014.

In 2006 the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIBP) placed an international tender for a Border Management System (BMS) to be gifted to PNG. The tender required that the winning product would need to meet very strict security and functionality requirements and would need to be able to operate with very diverse infrastructure around the world…..after a very extensive selection and evaluation process DIBP chose Merit to provide the Merit BMS for all of PNG’s Border Management and Permit Processing needs. Merit BMS was installed in PNG in 2006 and Merit has worked with DIBP and PNG since that time to continually enhance the BMS since that time. The Merit BMS will be formally gifted to PNG on 31st December 2014.

Merit Has Gone Social

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