Customer Relationship Management

Offer superior customer service and increase your capacity to handle requests, without adding employees.

Border Management

Delivers the essential components necessary to effectively manage Immigration and Border Control.

Customer relationship management

Today, business is all about managing customer expectations and achieving customer satisfaction, so why manage requests differently based on the channel chosen to communicate with your organisation?

Merit CRM allows you to manage ALL customer interactions in one system, thus providing that crucial single view.

Merit CRM will also assist you in streamlining processes, eliminating double handling and improving productivity all whilst enhancing your customer experience.

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Border management

In an age where international travel is common and border traffic is constantly increasing, so do the risks and threats associated with terrorism and organised crime.

The Merit Border Management Solution (Merit BMS) provides the essential components necessary to effectively manage all aspects of immigration and border control.

The system is characterised by high accessibility, quick response times, and full functionality in extreme load situations - all without compromising the quality and security of border control.

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