Customer Relationship Management


Merit CRM is an Integrated Customer Relationship Management solution which easily and efficiently manages requests or cases from time of receipt until resolution. Our web based interface called Merit 24/7 allows access from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Your customers, contractors, volunteers and related organisations also have access via the internet or phone app. Merit 24/7 is a class leading customer solution.

We understand the importance of providing flexible options for customers to interact with your organisation and we have developed multi-channel software which enables customers to communicate with you from various channels including mobile, website, social media, face to face, email, correspondence and telephone. Merit 24/7 ensures a consistent approach to your customer management challenges.

Merit 24/7 automates all your processes including workflow, automatic customer notifications, supervision, and reporting all in the one system.

With Merit 24/7 in your organisation, you can capture and manage all of your customer transactions including your confidential and sensitive matters. Security features allow you to manage both external and internal customers in the one system.

Merit 24/7 can work just as well for large or small businesses. Your business may have only a few staff and perhaps a single line of business or you might have hundreds of diverse lines of business and hundreds of staff. The customer challenges are similar and our system has the flexibility to solve your problems.

Perhaps you have a number of key systems or databases that don't talk to each other. Our Merit 360 module can sit across all of them and give you a single view of the customer. We use search engine technology to discover all the critical information. Our search engine will then quickly find your customer using any of the attributes that the customer has in your business.