Customer Relationship Management

Electronic Document Management Systems

Electronic records underpin organisations of all sizes, whether in the form of email, letters, attachments, or other documents. EDMS are used as central repositories for electronic records, and Merit CRM links with them in several ways:

  • All request related correspondence and outputs from Merit CRM are automatically stored in the EDMS and linked back to the corresponding request for future reference
  • Attachments for Merit CRM requests contained in EDMS can be easily accessed and viewed by Merit CRM users
  • New attachments can be easily created in EDMS and linked to new or existing Merit CRM requests
  • Records entered into the EDMS can automatically create a corresponding request in Merit CRM for appropriate management and resolution
  • A snapshot of the history of a Merit CRM Request can be automatically stored in EDMS when the request is closed

Application Integration currently supported by Merit CRM:

  • DataWorks & ECM from Technology One
  • InfoXpert
  • Objective
  • Sharepoint
  • Teamware
  • TRIM