Customer Relationship Management

Merit Portal (Available Soon)

Your customers can now engage with you securely using your new portal. Simply sign-in and they can see information that is relevant to them and do the things they need to do. For example they can submit an application, make a payment or see information about their rates balance. You can provide self-guided information for your customers and receive their requests directly into the system which saves time for your officers and speeds up service delivery. Your customers can track their own requests, respond directly with their own feedback or new information. This is not merely a web page that distributes emails around your organisation requiring even more administrative work. Rather, customer input is injected directly into the back-end Business Process Engine to ensure robust service delivery, reporting metrics and full visibility.

A graduated access system allows you to offer more information to customers who have provided additional security information. Your customers can even provide content directly to your web site. For example a secretary may submit changes to their entry in the community or business directory. Optional approval steps can be provided as required and the whole process is monitored. The new portal opens up your organisation to new and exciting experiences for your customers.

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