Customer Relationship Management

Rates & Property

Rates and Property systems, also known as Land Information Systems, are critical to the function of Local Government. For this reason, many of the requests received are property based, and integration between Merit CRM and the rates and property system is important for providing the following capabilities:

  • Automatic association of requests in Merit CRM with properties in the Rates and Property system using the property and/or assessment number
  • Links to Name and Address Register when creating a request and also searching for details
  • Access to property information relating to a request from Merit CRM
  • Access to request information for a property from the Rates and Property system
  • Easy creation of new requests in Merit CRM from the Rates and Property system
  • Quick access to other modules in the Rates and Property system from Merit CRM, such as animal registration, planning, and infringements

Application Integration currently supported by Merit CRM:

  • Authority from Civica
  • Fujitsu 2000Plus
  • GEAC Pathway
  • Lynx
  • Proclaim & CI from Technology One
  • from AusInfo